Shiwei Song

Hi, I'm the founder of testelf. Currently, I'm traveling around Asia and hacking on fun projects. Previously, I worked at Palantir, where I helped build Metropolis (finance software). I spent two summers interning at Apple, where I created the iPhoto SDK and extended XMPP for iChat. I received my Masters from Stanford and Bachelors from Carnegie Mellon, both in Computer Science.

I enjoy photography and occasionally blog. I am currently not looking for employment but I'd love to meet people working on cool things. Here is a copy of my resume.

Sites Some web projects I've created

An app testing service for small development teams. Provides cheap and effective human black box testing.
HN Showcase
A visual browser for "Show HN" posts on Hacker News. Fetches all "Show HN" posts and generates a thumbnail for each.
Waste Time
A simple YouTube video playlist for friends to share interesting videos with each other.

Apps Some desktop and mobile apps I've developed

A tab app for Pinterest. Allows users quick access to Pinterest without opening the browser.
A tab app for SlickDeals. Allows users quick access to without opening the browser.
Bee Line
A racing game where the user helps the bee outrun the angry bird while trying to avoid obstacles.
A photo contest app judged by the community, "hot-or-not" style.
A realistic drumming virtual instrument. Use the iPhone as a drumstick and thumb to control drum types.
A vision based music synthesizer that translates drawn shapes into sound.
A Chinese language learning app that incorporates reading, writing, and listening exercises.
A labyrinth game with obstacles. This was my first iOS app. Created using Cocos2d and Chipmunk2d.

Academic Some papers I've written

Extensions to Low-Noise Viewfinder Alignment Algorithm
Fast viewfinder alignment for computational photography.
Rendering Realistic Popsicles
Using custom ray tracer to render realistic looking popsicles.
Visualizing the Republic of Letters
Visualization tool for historians to explore the Electronic Enlightenment.
Related: Project Page | Original Paper | NYT Article
Virtual Glasses for Real People
Virtual reality glasses shopping using computer vision.
Movie Recommendations Using Social Networks
ML techniques for generating movie recommendations from social network (Facebook) data.
Classifiers for Detecting Common Desk Objects
Using AI and vision techniques to detect mugs, staplers, clocks, keyboards, and staplers in a video.
Template Based Human Detection and Tracking
Exploring template based human detection and tracking for rotobics.
Collision Avoidance and Path Finding in 2-D Environments
Collision avoidance methods used in my Astroids game developed in high school.